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Transform Surviving into Thriving with Whole Body Breathing

Stress is stressful and joy can get missed when your overwhelm is high. Even prior to the pandemic, we were participants in systems that perpetuate and thrive off our collective dis-ease. 

Connecting with your breath is a direct and transformational way to ignite your inner resilience, joy, and presence. This is a strategy, of being in your drivers seat as an ongoing state of being. 

Whole body breath helps you connect to hope, care for your Self, and re-attend to the present moment with more grace.

Embody a regulation Practice That Meets You Where You Are

Resilient Breath is a 27-day self-directed program that teaches you Whole Body Breathing & integrates Traditional Chinese Medicine 5 Element Theory alongside your inherent skills to cope. This program cultivates Qi flow and brings the parasympathetic nervous system back online. 

It can take 3 weeks to launch a routine, and that’s why this program is designed for almost 4 weeks of video trainings, audio lessons, and gratitude practice to deepen and integrate this new habit. You also have ongoing access to this program so you can come back again and again. 


Presented by Lamia Gibson, R. Ac.,
Founder of Portal Acupuncture.

I know what it is like to be overwhelmed, frustrated, out of body and grasping at straws. I have resided in the land of self-hatred and spent many an hour at the impostor syndrome party. I have missed out on joy, presence and possibility as a result of being desperately stuck in my mind, and ok, that happens. There is no way to never be stressed or to always be in Joy, but there are ways to ground and be present with what is.


That’s where Resilient Breath comes in. Once I learned Whole Body Breathing and integrated it into my daily practice, I became the Director of my Qi, able to notice when I’m unbalanced and pivot or adapt (or take a break!) with more grace and self-forgiveness.

Inside Resilient Breath

With Resilient Breath, you receive 5 days of video trainings to learn the breakdown of Whole Body Breathing, promote Qi flow, and regulate your nervous system. Once you’ve mastered the technique, you’ll move on to 21 days of audio lessons to integrate, grow your awareness of Qi flow, and develop your Resilient Breath around the strengths you already carry inside. 

You finish the program with 1 day of gratitude practice ensuring the conditions for you to embody Whole Body Breathing and form your own Resilient Breath.

Heal, Deal, and Feel Well


You can use your Resilient Breath to ground and not lose your cool with your boss, or maintain equilibrium as you challenge the dominant powers in the room. You could be with your kiddo in a meltdown and find the capacity to empathize, or be with yourself and open your mind to possibility, change, and opportunity. 


With Resilient Breath you will remain human and get overwhelmed, but your recovery is faster, more compassionate, more connected.


It’s time to take better care of yourself, guide your mental and emotional well being, experience more joy and presence. Plus, if you are a nerd who loves all things energetic medicine, well this is your jam!


To take this program, click the button below to gain access to Resilient Breath.

Resilient Breath

27-day Online Program




Q: Can I take this at my own pace?

A: Ultimately, yes you can come and go as you please and you will get more from this program if you do it all in one month. Rebuilding pathways of Qi flow and potentially rewiring neural connections works better with regularity and frequency. 

Q: Refund policies

A: Due to the downloadable nature of this program, there are no refunds.

Q: Are there captions on the videos and audio for the text?

A: No there are not. I intend to create a more accessible version of this by the end of 2022.

Q: Are there accommodations for people using chairs, not standing, etc?

A: Yes there are, the breath technique can be practiced sitting, standing, or laying down. 

Q: I have been hearing a lot about breathwork, how is this different?

A: This is a breathing technique integrating Traditional East Asian Medicine and Ki/Qi flow alongside your inherent coping skills and resilience. Breath is the portal, this is a practice of breathing and while it is definitely working with the breath it is not a breathwork practice as is becoming popular as of late.

Q: How much does it cost?

A: There is a flat fee of $108 for the entire program.

Q: What if I need help or access to you during the program? 

A: You can leave me messages every step of the way and I’ll respond as soon as possible. 

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