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I want you to feel better. 


You too?


Great, here's how we make that happen.


Good health starts with the basics: sleep, movement, and food.

Humans are animals, period. (That includes you, by the way.)

We need food, shelter, sleep and movement to stay alive, keep organs functioning and be a person.  We also need connection to other humans and to ourselves.


You know this, of course. But you’re also living life in this time, this culture ... and all the challenges that involves. Which means it can be hard to attend to these basics (or even know how to process the signals your body’s giving you about them!)

That’s where I come in.

I’m on the planet to make people feel better. And one way I do that is through health coaching like this.

We have a chat about you, your life and your health and I listen, really, really deeply. I pluck out the one or two pivotal shifts you could do to make life better and then you go do that and find out what works and what doesn’t.  You come back with a bit more roll in your stroll and we chat again, identifying your next layer of change.


We take it all out for a spin. Does switching to decaf actually help your sleep?  Is a practice of dancing for ten minutes a day possible for your super busy life?  Does making breakfast a priority change the trajectory of your energy day to day?

I'm with you the whole way. We'll meet when we need to, and I'm around to answer any questions you have, or give you tips + guidance as we play out these experiments. By the time we're done you’ll know way more about how to take care of you and you’ll be feeling better than when we began, plus that hurdle of not actually doing the things that take care of you will be gone, cuz you will be here, in the wake of having taken really great care of yourself, feeling better.

There’s no need to get extreme here. You and I can take care of the basics over time, with small, day-by-day actions that actually have more impact than big, sweeping changes.


Turns out, when you're sleeping well, eating nourishing foods that make you feel good, and moving your body in ways that feel joyful for you, a lot of other things take care of themselves.

You may still experience anxiety, back pain, or constipation, and I'm here to help with those too, but we can turn the volume down on a bunch of concerns by attending to the basics and intentionally taking care of you, first!

Interested? Here’s how it works:

  • We start out by taking time to identify what is missing most, what is possible first and what do you actually want to do.  

  • We collaborate with your real life and my real knowledge about Qi, health, habits and thriving.

  • We create a plan and pace that works for you. The changes will be things you will actually do, not lofty ideas about health that have been implanted from the wellness world about what your life should look like.  

  • There will likely be some hard knocks along the way. Not always, but often, making changes to life habits is hard, we get familiar with what is, even if it sucks. Working with Qi we can utilize stretches, movements, meditation or whatever floats your boat to support you at a soul level as you change your course.

  • How long? Depends on what you want. 3 months is pretty standard. This doesn’t mean seeing me every week for 3 months, but we’ll be setting a course of action together, for a 3 month period to focus on you and what you want to do to help you feel better and stay well.

Overall this is an offer to have a health detective, with 20 years of experience working with real people in their real lives, as part of your team.  A place to come and lay down what is, get help for what you want and get support to make it happen.


Ready to book a consult and fortify your foundation?

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