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Do you just want your whole team to chill?

Group self care is an effective way to make collective care a real thing for your org, school, business or community.

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Healthy communities of any kind do better when they have consistent access to self-care practices that work. And that applies to your work community too. But it’s not like you can bring everybody into the clinic over lunch ... right?  Maybe. To generate healthy communities I bring effective, long-lasting group self-care practices to you!

I offer bespoke group classes, workshops and treatments to organizations and companies that want their team to have a work environment that is generative, peaceful and well, all year round.

Imagine taking your lunch break and during it you do this super fun, kind of wacky, stretch and movement class with your work buds ... your afternoon is gonna have a bit more pep, you're gonna feel more awake AND by the end of your work day you will have done that 30 min of exercise you’ve been meaning to do for years.

Do that for three months once a week with your team and you will have new relationships, more camaraderie and a healthier groups of humans all round.

I can also show up at your work place, give you NADA style ear acupuncture, which is proven to treat ptsd, anxiety, depression, stress and addiction and you never have to leave your desk!  ​​

So, what do I have for you?

- Do Self Care Together - 3 month package - bring me in virtually, during lunch, start or end of day, to lead your team through stretching, movement and meditation, infusing vitality and connection throughout your team.


- NADA circles for your team - bring me to your organization or company and I can offer your people NADA ear acupuncture either in a group setting or at each persons desk.  NADA is an effectovie treatment for stress, addiction, ptsd, anxiety and overwhelm. You can offer your team advanced care by using this powerful practice.

- Acubirthing 101 - For midwives, doulas and birth professionals - This is a training on how to best use acupressure, acupuncture & Chinese nutrition for your pregnant patients.  Whether it be during pregnancy, preparing for birth or during labour, there are points you can use to regulate contractions, reduce pain, bring ground back quick to help the birther stay on top of it all and even points that directly influence the cervix!  exciting right?

- Acupressure for labor and delivery - this is an on demand workshop for people preparing for birth & doulas looking for more tools for pain relief and labor support during active labor. Focused solely on what points are good for what, and where to find them, this workshop is the one to do if you are a birth partner or doula and you want to have more tools during active labor.

- Gender inclusive training for Acupuncturists & Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioners. - Hello fellow practitioners, students and teachers, the medicine we practice has a binary application, so when it comes to working with non-binary, trans and gender non conforming people it is hard to know where t go. What points do you choose?  How do you ask potentially sensitive questions?  This is a workshop designed to meet your clinic or school where you are at on your awareness of gender inclusivity for your practice.

- Gender Inclusive awareness for yoga studios and health clinics  - The practices we share may have been developed with binary gender assumptions.  Now that we know there are so many possibilities when it comes to gender, how do you apply that to your Yoga class, your ND clinic, or your chiro practice?  This an on demand workshop that centres consciousness raising around gender so you can work effectively with folks across differences of gender.​​

Skills for Grief - this is a 4 week series using meridian stretching and whole body breathing to build skills for grieving, encouraging Qi flow, emotional awareness and mindfulness practice.  Using movement & breath we meet the intensity of pain and ease the experience of grieving through our energetic bodies, releasing suffering and accepting the pain, and love, of loss.

​- "Insert your team needs here" - This is a workshop you and I create together to meet the needs of your team, as they are right now.  Sometimes people come to me and ask for help, but don't know what there team needs or what is possible?  If this is you, let's talk.  By offering a by design workshop option I invite your unique team to the table and we create a group tailored to what is actually going on with the health of your team.


Access? Yes! 
For years I have adapted classes and workshops to meet the needs of those in the room.  I do not profess to be able to meet the needs of every human AND I am 100% here for making all kinds of effective accommodations, making the group or workshop relevant and fun and accessible for the humans on your team.  If you want to know more about what’s possible for making my offers accessible, email me!

Doing things in groups is a very human thing, we are fundamentally social, even us introverted souls need connection here and there!  We humans benefit from gathering and experiencing collective care, you can utilize groups to make your team healthier, connected and full of flow.

I'd love to talk about collective care for you and your team.

You too?

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