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Heart & Hands


What good is grief?

I don't have the answer, but you just might...


The grief in your life, and in the world, is asking for care

and in that care, grief transforms.

Grief is full of support and had we the conditions to listen, quiet and feel into what Grief is up to we might gain strength and stamina to harness the power of Grief within each of us to heal Self, other and the world at large.

Grief is a powerful force, untapped by society and waiting for our skills to rise to it's vigour.   You know how it feels when Grief lands and nothing seems possible and sometimes people find ways through all of that to connect with you?  and when that connection happens an experience of humanity so exquisitely real lights up a light of LIVING in the hearts of all involved and all of a sudden, yet so subtly, you know, somehow you will make something out of what devastation has occurred.  That moment is what I am up to and that moment lives wickedly alive in grief.

Holistic counseling for Harvesting Grief is the culmination of my Medicine, art and community health detective practices and an emergence of a new way of grieving.  Grieving on purpose, by choice and with full intention of harvesting that which grows in our bones having been nourished and fertilized by love and loss.

For our darling dead ones or a loss of culture, daily microaggressions or struggling finances, chronic illness, the state of the world, you name it... where Grief is there may be insights and wisdom and release or something else for you there right in the middle of what you already know, feel and resist.

Our work here is curious and caring.  It is not therapy, and I am a resource for referrals.  You are responsible for you in this work. Grief work can be intense and painful and deeply transformative.  Please make sure you ask me for referrals and resources or connect with someone you know already.


So, what do I book?

If you want to have a chat first book a free Q & A

To care for your grief book acupuncture, shiatsu or coaching.

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