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Welcome to PORTAL
Holistic medicine for Birth, Death and being Alive

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Relieve your suffering here


Treatment for pregnancy and labour preparation.

Are you experiencing nausea, anxiety, heartburn, or general pregnancy discomfort?  Acupuncture and shiatsu can help. These healing modalities have been proven to effectively treat concerns related to pregnancy –– and I’ve experienced their benefits first-hand, both as a practitioner and someone who’s given birth.


Find out how we can make your pregnancy joyful and peaceful 

Being Alive

Treatment for human 

health concerns.

Do you struggle with stress, burnout, digestion, anxiety, depression, PMS, body pain, tension, addiction, insomnia or persistent health concerns you can't seem to shift?

I have some answers for you.


I provide preventive care and effective treatment for pain, illness, emotional struggle and the mighty responsibility that comes with having a body

(oh, self care!).


Treatment for grief, loss and dying.

Are you a care provider, a person with serious illness, or are you grieving, for any amount of time?

I am here for the weight, gravity and power of your situation, offering emotional support, Acupuncture, Shiatsu and high quality care that meets you where you are at.

I provide empathy, compassion and ease for your experiences of death and dying


What people say about Portal...

Participant of "Do Self Care Together"

"Lamia shows you that you can show up for yourself with playfulness, acceptance and neutrality. I thought this would either be too hard or too easy, and I was grateful to see Lamia model mindfulness and joy, and share their wisdom of the connections between what we're doing in the class and how we're nourishing our bodies according to TCM. I love hearing what chi or part of ourselves we are feeding with each movement, and it inspires me to recognize that a little self-care regularly is good enough - that I don't have to feel pressured to do more than I feel able to."

Do you want exemplary care?

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