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Where is the Art in Portal?

Updated: May 3, 2022

Everyone has creation within them, it's inherent, energetic, alive, always... even when drowning in conditions sucking the life force, creation remains possible. Bold statement.

Where then, is the flow for the creativity in any practice one has? A practice can be anything one does on the regular ... parenting, teaching, practicing medicine, influencing, data managing, barista-ing, cleaning, hooking, appointment-ing, meditation, yelling at the politicians, social working ... whatever and however one spends their days includes practices we are consciously or unconsciously committed to. There is always a creative force at play.

Is there creation in your practices?

I have been very aware that I called my practice Portal - Art | Acupuncture | Alive. At first the Art was around, on blog posts, in poetry, in dance... but as the pandemic wore on along, and with the impact of going bankrupt back in 2019, I have, understandably, shifted away from my "formal" art practice of dance and poetry, and focused instead on the Acupuncture part of Portal. I deeply love practicing medicine, I create here, I collaborate with clients and colleagues, there is a lot of juicy prose that comes through as I speak of and share the powers of Traditional East Asian Medicine. And there is more ...

I want to live my Art and share in progress

Today launches a renewed commitment (yes, it is connected to the RENEW 2022 cleanse - more on that some other time) ... a renewed commitment to being in practice with dance and doing it with you.

I have been working on this piece for years. On my Spotify I have a playlist called coming home to body and there are maybe 8 songs there that have been portals for me to do just that, come back home into my being, energetic and physical. For me, music enters my being and moves my body as I re-associate. When I am away from body, if I catch it and apply what I know works, I use music and dance to re-member. Literally weave my Spirits back to whole. I have been offering a practice called Love Songs to Self and this is an extension of that... using Songs, even pining ones... to be with what is, that I separate oh so skillfully, and at that same time, I am together.

What practices bring you back home?

So this piece aligns with the song Missing by Carmody. hi to all my parts who figured out all these ways to keep kicking it. And to the Qi flow that comes with movement, I regard, I cherish, I love.

I intuit I may share the whole playlist, we shall see, for now ...


a work in progress

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Lamia Gibson, R. Ac, is an Acupuncturist, Shiatsu Therapist and TCM food nerd. I am your friendly neighbourhood Health Detective, uncovering the roots of ailments and treating the branches of dis-ease. With a focus on Trauma recovery, Grief, burnout and body pain, I am a resource of care for your one precious life.

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