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Red juicy goodness for Fire Organs

Eating Red foods brings Qi to the Fire Organs of the Heart, Small Intestine, Triple Heart and Heart Protector.

As we move through the fire season of Summer eating red foods can cool the heart, nourish Heart Qi and even help you fall sleep!

Food tips for a funner Summer!

Research indicates that Tart Cherry juice, when drunk before bed and after a nourishing meal, can help with sleep due to higher quantities of tryptophan and melatonin in tart cherries. Best consumed without sugar as sugar can keep us up!

Red Beans enter the Heart, Small Intestine, Spleen and Kidney benefitting these organs and channels. In terms of Chinese medicine aduki beans are known for their ability to Tonify blood, regulate blood, clear heat, clear dampness, regulate water, and expel toxins.

MMM Strawberries!

Used to cool the body, these sometimes sour, sometimes sweet fruits are great for bringing down your inner temperature. These fruits also nourish Yin, which contributes to longer lasting cooling forces within.

Take note: with more fruit, comes more bowel movements! If you're noticing you're going to the bathroom more, check in and make sure you're having enough protein.


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Lamia Gibson, R. Ac, is an Acupuncturist, Shiatsu Therapist and TCM food nerd. Your friendly neighbourhood Health Detective, I uncover roots of ailments and treat branches of dis-ease. With a focus on Burnout, healing Trauma, Grief and body pain, I offer care for your one precious life.

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