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Life ceases, let's move

For 10 years now I have been intentionally integrating Grief in my life.

What that means for me is that when grief comes I brave the raw sadness and I meet it with whatever capacity I have at the moment (which include s a big "F no, not right now" option) and, when I have the capacity for it, I accompany the grief in my being as it moves and exists in my life.

Impacts of Grief are astonishing, powerful and potent for growing capacity.

Why grow capacity?

Cuz life is a F-ing shit show some times (often?) and having capacity (the ability or power to experience something) is very F-ing useful.

Apparently I swear when I talk about this today!

I am sharing a video here of a grief integrating dance session I did on July 30. I am in the thick of some capital G grieving. It sucks, it amazes me, it IS. HUGE. GRIEF.

And it gets fractal, you now? this particular Grief is big on it's own, and layered AND it gets a bunch of other grief kicked up with it. "FUN!" not really, well, maybe it's a little fun now that I know more about how I ride the waves.

Integrating Grief is as unique as you are and what I do may not be what you do and it is all integration!

So, for now... this video

If you want to check in about Grief, email me and we can book a free 15 min hello!


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Lamia Gibson, R. Ac, is an Acupuncturist, Shiatsu Therapist and TCM food nerd. I am your friendly neighbourhood Health Detective and I uncover roots of ailments and treat branches of dis-ease. With a focus on Burnout, healing Trauma, Grief and body pain, I offer care for your one precious life.

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