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Going for a different life

I could have led a different life, and I have.

In line with this song 'Steal' from Maribou State, featuring Holly Walker, I invite you to move and consider, is there a different life you want to lead?

Maybe, maybe not, maybe slightly?

When life isn't going the way one wants, there is a decision to be made. I have come to learn and experience that often hidden underneath a, truly skillful, avoidance of responsibility the decision of what is next is up to me. Even in dominant systems that I do not control, what I do with what is here, is 100% my responsibility.

This weeks Love Songs to Self draws on a line from this song, "I need somebody to ease my mind".

I am a social creature and need others, I can not live in a silo and I am a resource for myself. I can ease my mind or learn how to, and so can you, with medicine, practice and teachings.

Existing in the web of connected life that IS, you are a resource in all of this.

Please warm up prior to movement practice: warm up links: standing warm up | sitting warm up

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Lamia Gibson, R. Ac, is an Acupuncturist, Shiatsu Therapist and TCM food nerd. I am your friendly neighbourhood Health Detective, uncovering the roots of ailments and treating the branches of dis-ease. With a focus on Trauma recovery, Grief, burnout and body pain, I am a resource of care for your one precious life.

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