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Get ready for spring with March TCM Health Tips!

Updated: Feb 24

Cosmolgy, aka the seasonal harmony of Chinese Medicine, helps you find balance and maintain your foundational Kidney Qi. With these health tips, you'll be able to identify and incorporate subtle sour foods to help you align with the energy of Spring.

Spring is on the way, but don't forget about your Kidney Qi!

Take these last few weeks before spring to tend to your internal energy. Recharge and refocus your body with powerful food to support your wellbeing for the rest of the year.

Kidney Qi power foods:
Goji berries, brown rice, walnuts, pine nuts, eggplant, black sesame seeds, black beans, kidney beans, wood ear mushrooms, plums, figs, dates and seaweed.

Give yourself the care you deserve with Late Winter seasonal harmony. This is a great time to nourish Kidney Qi and practice reflection!

Seasonal health in March includes Winter tips plus Spring preparation. Temper the rush to Spring by committing to a reflection practice until Spring Equinox arrives.
As Spring emerges universal Qi gains a mightier flow. Wind comes and inner alchemy is tossed around. This can make you feel dizzy, physically and energetically.

Eating foods for the Kidney will help you anchor your foundational Qi, while adding in subtly sour foods will support you to align with Spring.

Sour foods quicken the body and influence the Liver and Gallbladder, the organs associated with the Spring season.

Sour foods: Sauerkraut, lemons, pickles, cranberries, vinegar, green apples.

Take time to note the quiet vibrancy of trees to align with vitality.

You too have been dormant in some ways, your Qi is soon to emerge.

Spring is a time of renewal and also of intense emotions. Tumultuous feelings can get the better of anybody. Traditional Chinese medicine, meditation and emotional reflection can help you navigate this season. Strengthen relationships, build healthier emotional foundations and enjoy the renewal in your life with Spring on your side.




Whether you are a seasoned meditator, never done it or super don't like it, I encourage you to practice reflection in some way this month. Reflection and stillness nourishes Kidney Qi, easing the nervous system and allowing for the whole body (energetic and physical) to regroup. Holding it together is one thing, reflective practice supports you to have the conditions for being whole.

If you want, check out some meditation practices here:
Metta meditation resources (2)
Download PDF • 32KB

If you are a no for meditation, that's great! what is a reflective and mostly still practice that works for you?
Wherever you are at, find a way to be in reflection for ten min a day this month.
Laying on your back and staring at the ceiling totally counts!
May we all have the conditions to thrive.

with care,




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Lamia Gibson, R. Ac, is an Acupuncturist, Shiatsu Therapist, Chinese Nutrition Consultant and soul worker who uses the Eight branches of Chinese Medicine to relieve suffering.

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